The Grand Expedition | an immersive dining experience involving circus

In this interview about a new immersive dining experience, Hannah Nepilova speaks to Jack Horner, the circus-trained creative and artistic director.

Horner is currently collaborating with Gingerline (the immersive dining company) on The Grand Expedition, a show that takes audiences on a journey around the world through a menu of dishes, acrobatic acts and choreography.

Set within a fleet of hot air balloons, guests will be transported across the globe touching down in far-flung destinations with impressive new scenes, immersive games, circus acrobatics and puppetry.

Each location has been crafted by designer Harriet Darling, co-founder of Darling & Edge, who also collaborated with Veuve Clicquot, Wildcat Gin and The Crystal Maze Experience.



Dishes around each destination’s culture are presented by dancers,  while animation and sound design immerses audiences in each location.

In this interview, artistic director Jack Horner describes his intentions behind this particular immersive dining experience.

The Grand Expedition runs from February 29 2024.

For more information about Gingerline and its latest projects, click here.

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