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Richard Bullen | PROFILE

By Simon Fearn When you listen to a concert, or perhaps perform yourself, how aware are you of the space around you? It’s something…

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Ayanna Witter-Johnson | PROFILE

By Simon Fearn When searching for an accompanying instrument, most musicians will reach for a guitar or piano. Not Ayanna Witter-Johnson, a MOBO-nominated singer-songwriter who…

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Pigstrument | FEATURE

By Simon Fearn How do you create an instrument for pigs? Isn’t the very concept of a pig playing an instrument slightly ridiculous? Not…

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Rehearsals for Oreste, with Gyula Nagy as Filotete and Jennifer Davis as Ifigenia. Photo: Roger Way

Oreste | PREVIEW

By Simon Fearn If you’re looking to make sense of our turbulent political times, a 300-year old opera is perhaps not the first place…

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