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About the editorial team:


Hannah Nepil is a London-based classical music journalist and critic who a few years ago was sent by The Financial Times to cover the Ice Music Festival in Norway. She came back with frozen tonsils, a voice like Marge Simpson’s and an idea: to set up a magazine devoted entirely to idiosyncratic events like this which weren’t being covered elsewhere. The result was The Cusp.




Daniel Calvert is a devotee of experimental art forms, languages and hummus. Based in London, he’s Education Editor at the British Red Cross.





simon-fearn-profile-pictureSimon Fearn is a final year English Literature student at Durham University. He spends most of his time writing about the arts and occasionally sings mediocre bass. He has reviewed for Broadway Baby, Litro Magazine, Cuckoo Review and W!zard Radio; is Film & TV Editor for Palatinate, Durham’s student newspaper; and Social Media Manager for The Cusp. He likes sad records, ‘edgy’ theatre and wearing purple clothing.



Sam Pryce is currently studying English at University College London. He is Researcher for The Cusp, and reviews books and London literary events for BookSmoke.  He also performs in plays, musicals and comedy shows, most recently at the Edinburgh Fringe, and has a keen interest in experimental, minimalist and electronic music. Follow him on Twitter at @samofthepryce.




Sarah Swong is a writer and cellist. After living in Alaska, where she provided the live soundtrack to a shadow theater piece, she learned to improvise with an Appalachian old-time band, and trekked with her cello to play ‘La Habanera’ in an Arctic bog. She concluded that music can be quite fun at the edges. Based in New York, she is an editorial assistant at The New Press and US listings editor for The Cusp





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