Interview with music psychologist and philosopher Elze Sigute Mikalonyte

In this interview the music psychologist Elze Sigute Mikalonyte, Research Associate and Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, discusses her work in the fields of music philosophy and psychology.

Mikalonyte’s doctoral work focused on the philosophy of music and the ontology of musical works. As part of her doctoral research, she conducted experimental philosophy studies in musical ontology. She has also investigated other topics in experimental philosophy of aesthetics, such as the folk concept of art, judgments of the identity of artworks, and intuitions on AI-created art.

She earned her BA, MA, and PhD at the Institute of Philosophy, Vilnius University, Lithuania. During her doctoral studies, she spent a year as a visiting PhD student at Institut Jean Nicod in Paris, France. Before she became a philosopher, she studied violin at Vilnius Conservatoire.

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