Charles Brooks’s Musical Instruments from the Inside | GALLERY

In his Architecture in Music Series, the New Zealand cellist-turned-photographer Charles Brooks has taken a series of photographs exploring the insides of musical instruments. In order to maintain perfect focus of his subject, the photographer took hundreds of shots of each instrument and digitally put them together. The results are eerie, dramatic and sci-fi-esque transforming the hidden depths of an instrument into a world of its own that has been likened to a cave, a tunnel, a luthier’s workshop or, as one critic put it, ‘an apartment I can’t afford.’ See the gallery below:

1780 Lockey Hill Cello

14 K Burkart Elite Gold Flute

1940s Selmer Balanced Action Saxophone


Didgeridoo by Trevor Gillespie Peckham (Bungerroo) Australia

Fazioli Grand Piano

Fazioli Grand Piano

Steinway Model D Grand Piano



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